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James T. Flynn Family Tree

James  T.  Flynn

died;    12  June  1849  buried Church Hill Cem, Machiasport, Maine
his father;   James  Flynn
his mother;   Mary  Kinsella
his wife;
Sarah  Marston
died;   20  July  1865  buried Church Hill Cem., Machiasport, Maine
her father;  Samuel  Marston
her mother;   Sarah  Hall


Hiram Marston Flynn  born; 21 Aug 1818   died; 1 Jan 1906
Phebe Ann Tupper   born; 3 Sept 1820   died; 11 March 1895
her father;  George 'Gideon' Tupper
her mother;   Elizabeth  Betsey  Schoppee

George F. Flynn   born;    1874   Died;    1927
married;  12  Sept  1874   Machiasport, Maine
Sylvia J. Dobbin   born;    1853   died; 9 Sept 1879
2nd marriage;  Ida E. Beverly

William W. Flynn   born;         died; 29 April 1901
married;  15  July  1862  Machias, Maine
Phebe A. Miller   born; 8 Jan 1843   died; 28 Jan 1919
her father;   Stephen  Miller
her mother;   Lavonia  Duncan

Levi H. Flynn   born; May 1825   died; 4 Nov 1918
married;   21  Nov  1854  Machiasport, Maine
Amanda W. Bryant   born;    1827   died; 6 Oct 1901
her father;   Joseph Bryant
her mother;  Susan Lincoln

Hiram Marston Flynn Family Tree


born;   12  Aug  1818 - Machiasport, Maine
died;   1  Jan  1906 - buried Bucks Harbor Cem.
his father;   James  T.  Flynn
his mother;   Sarah  Marston
his wife;
Phebe Ann Tupper
born;   3  Sept  1820 - Jonesboro, Maine
died;   11  March  1895  - buried Bucks Harbor Cem.
her father;   George  Tupper
her mother;   Elizabeth  Betsey  Schoppee


Fred  G.  Flynn   born;   11 May 1859   died; 7 June 1890
Hattie  M.  Clark    born;     1864    died; 8 June 1887

James  Alvin  Flynn  born;     1852   died;    1838
married;    3     June     1875  Machias, Maine
Annie  M.  Foster    born; 27 Sept 1855   died;  1 Jan 1944

George  F.  Flynn

Sarah E. Flynn  
Joel W. Colbeth

Addie Addalaide Flynn   born; April 1849
married;       1869
Charles G. Kenney   born; 26 JUNE  1845   died; 31  AUG   1915

Elvira Flynn    born;    1854
Jerome B. Cole

Franklin Flynn

James F. Flynn


NOTES;  1850 census, Hiram living in Jonesboro.  In 1881 named tax collector for Machiasport.  That same year he served on a Jury.  On 1910 census Adalade Kenney, age 60, living in Portland, Maine


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James Alvin Flynn


born;   1852
died;   1938
married;   3  June  1875  Machias, Maine
His Father;   Hiram Marston Flynn
His Mother;   Phebe Ann Tupper
Annie  M.  Foster
born;   27  Sept.  1855  Machiasport, Maine
died;                 1944  Machiasport, Maine (buried Church Hill Cemetery, Machiasport, Maine)
Her Father;   Horace Foster
Her mother;   Nancy  Libby


Idella   Flynn    born;           died;   16 Sept. 1882 6y 7m 29dys

Bessie  G.   Flynn     born;    18 Oct 1877   died;       1962
William C. Dinsmore  born;  1878   died;  1974

Carl Borden   Flynn      born;  25 March  1880   died;  1963
Carrie  Munro    born;  1881     died;  1974

Dellie   Flynn      born;          Died;  24  Sept  1882  7y 8m

Howard  A.  Flynn        born;  13 May 1885    died;  1948
married;    7     NOV     1907
Cora  A.  Foster    born;  1887       died;  1974

Hammond    Talbot   Flynn      born;  14 Nov 1897   died;  24 Feb 1971
married;  23     JAN     1915  Machiasport, Maine
Lucy Abagail Guptill   born;  1891    Died; 

Florence   Flynn       born;  9 nov 1898     died;
John  Snow    born;                        died;

Fred    L.  Flynn       born;  4  June  1894    died;  10 May 1917
married;    10  MAY  1917  Bucks Harbor, Maine
Marcia  Small     born;  1894    died;  10 may 1917
her father;   Elmer   Small
her mother;   Adda  Holmes

Alta    Flynn      born;  nov  1882       died;
Frank  F.  Trafton   born;                died;

Carl and Carrie Flynn lived in Conn. for a period of about 14 years where he was a ship's captain.  When they returned to maine they lived in Harrington where he was listed as a tax collector.  He also started his own ship building business, which was in business for 2 to 3 years.

Lucy Abagail Guptill was a school teacher.  Her husband Hammond Flynn  ran a general store in Machiasport for a number of years.   Hammond purchased and ran the Small Brothers Store in Machiasport, Maine.  Not sure if he changed the name of the store after purchasing it or not.
Hammond is also listed as having been a contractor.

Florence Flynn married John Snow who was from Rockland, Maine.  After being married they lived in Rockland, and at some point her parents, James Alvin Flynn and Annie Foster also moved to Rockland and also lived there for a time.  At the time of her death, Annie is listed as living in Rockland, Maine.

Fred L.  Flynn Married Marcia Small at Bucks Harbor, Maine on 10  MAY  1917.  After exchanging vows the couple got into a row boat and rowed out to the center of the harbor.  The row boat began taking on water and both were drowned. 
Marcia was a school teacher,

Annie M. Flynn is the sister of Susan E. Foster - who married Judah Rice, and Sarah Foster, who married Freeman Rice.  On a number of documents Annie is the one who is listed as reporting the births of some of the Rice chrildren that were born at the Rice Farmstead in Northfield, Maine.